Tips & Trends | Fall 2015/2016 Fashion Trends – Metallics

Metallic clothing is a new fashion trend for fall 2015 and 2016 that has been taken from the runway to the streets. It’s a daring trend that many are scared to try in fear of looking tacky or too busy. Here are 5 ways to incorporate metallic clothing into your street style this fall.

Keep it simple

The shimmer from your metallic clothing is enough to make you stand out, so keep it simple with a simple heel and a clutch. This way you have a classy yet daring look.

Keep it Simple

Stay close to your metallic colour

Pair your metallic with a colour that is a darker or lighter shade of its own. This way you create contrast without looking busy. If you can’t find something close to your metallic colour, pair it with black or white. These are safe tints that will not clash against the metallic, but allows it to stand out more.

Stay True to it's colour

A maximum of three

Your metallic piece should be your statement, so it’s important to keep it to a maximum of three pieces. If you decide to go with two or three metallic pieces, make sure at least two are the exact same colour. This way you create a more uniform look, instead of having them clash. Our Alice and Olivia gold tone sequin strapless cocktail dress is a perfect example of a one piece. Check out our consignment store in Toronto to get this dress.

Maximum of 3

Go Pointy

If your shoes are not your metallic piece, pair your look with a pointy stiletto. It’s a simple and classy shoes that will compliment will compliment your metallic.

Go Pointy

Wear a subtle pattern

For those of us who love a pattern, wear a simple pattern. Fine line patterns gives your metallic a subtle detail without being overbearing.Subtle Patterns