Beauty Tips & Trends | How To: Summer Beauty Prep

Summer may seem like the season for effortless beauty, low-key makeup and a natural bronze but we all know how much effort it takes to faux that glow. Here are our top tips to achieving the highly coveted beach babe look.

image1 tan

  1. Detox: That lit-from-within look really does start from within. Drinking a mixture of green tea, dandelion root tea, white tea and sustainably sourced, organic honey flushes your gut from nasty skin-dulling pollutants by injecting highly potent antioxidants and minerals. Drink over ice for a refreshing summer drink.
  2. Scrub: On the outside, start with using a sugar scrub to exfoliate your body from the top layer of dead skin. Cane sugar is made of AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) that eat away surface skin. The physical and chemical exfoliation reveals new, soft skin that’s ready to be tanned. For the face, opt for a chemical exfoliant made with BHA’s (beta hydroxyl acids) since this acid is oil soluble; this means it has the ability to clean out pours of sebum, oil and bacteria (try the Paula’s Choice BHA toner).

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  1. Smooth: Seal your new layer of skin with a light and hydrating moisturizer, like the Dermalogica’s Active Moist for the face and Honest Beauty’s Body Moisturizer. Let it completely absorb into your skin, and wait at least half an hour for the stickiness to totally sink in. Make sure to focus on knees, elbows, knuckles and armpits.
  2. Tan: Time to apply that fake tan. Use a glove and stroke Tropez fake tan in concentrated, circular motions to avoid any creases or lines. Wait 6-8 hours for the tan to develop and wash off in the shower.
  3. Soothe: Now is when to seal the deal. Use a non-oily hydrator like aloe vera gel (or the Jason’s Aloe Vera cream) to prevent flaky skin and prolong your tan.

Stay golden, babe.