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With summer quickly approaching, you may feel like clothing should be optional, especially with the hot spring we have been experiencing so far. Don’t worry ladies, we have been scoping out the hottest summer trends that will keep you cool and looking hot under the scorching southern Ontario sun!


Denim has always been one of the long lasting trends of the summer season, so it is no surprise that they are here again, making their way into our closets this summer. But wait – there is a mini twist to this long standing trend. Instead of rocking those tired denim shorts you’ve had forever, trade them in for a frayed pair of denim shorts; they are super chic and casual for a day out shopping with your girlfriends.

denim shorts

Dress it Up 

Looking for something that will make you feel as light as a feather this summer? Slip dresses are in this summer and our legs are thankful that they can actually breathe under our long maxi dresses. Wearing something as simple as a slip will keep you from sweating and let your body breathe while running errands.

slip dresses

Slip Them On

You will be surprised to know that slippers are making their way out of your houses and into the streets this summer, and our feet couldn’t thank the fashions gods enough! It means the world to me that I can comfortably wear these slipper mules while casually walking around in public.

mule Slippers

Big Sleeves

Exaggerated sleeves are in this summer, which give these types of tops a sexy Spanish vibe to them. In this case, bigger is better, and of course the more exaggerated will help as well. Get yourself something with more flow this summer!

exaggerated top

Statement Clutch

Well, summer just isn’t for wearing exaggerated tops, but also accessorizing with exaggerated graphic bags… Although I would mix these two in the same outfit, one or the other is fine enough. This trend falls on the more eccentric side, and may not be for everyone, but if you ever dreamed about carrying around a meat lover’s pizza-shaped bag around while shopping, you have every right to do so. Just be sure not to eat your bag.

exaggerated handbags

What it is your favourite summer trend for this season? Leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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